Aug. 4 - 5 - Welland Scuba Park / Niagara River (S)
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Welland Scuba Park / Niagara River (S)

                                                                      Welland Scuba Park - Dock

Date: August 4 - 5

Number of Divers: 20

Number of Divers: 4 shore dives; 2 at Welland Scuba Park & 2 at the Niagara River

Open spots as of October 23rd: 20

Dive Rating: A

Divemaster: TBA

Emergency Assistance Plan (Welland Scuba Park): click here

Emergency Assistance Plan (Niagara River): click here

Cost: Divemaster - Free; Divers - $15.00

Description: Divemaster can change the Welland Scuba Park location if there is not enough interest

The perfect dive for the beginner. We will do two dives and have lunch in-between the dives. Check out the video: The Welland Canal Scuba Park is a beautifully designed park with a 200-400 meter beach which we can park on. The Niagara Divers Association, NDA, has maintained it in great condition. Over time, they have placed cars, a club made submarine and a tugboat and a guideline, which will lead us from one underwater wreck to the next. It is a sandy entrance into the water. The tugboat is about 150 degrees from the most western part of the beach marked by a buoy. This should be the starting point. The pink line is off the bow. It does make some turns. At about 5-8 minutes from the tugboat, you’ll reach a 25-35 foot man made sub. Continue along the line and off to your right you'll see the first car. There is a separate rope that connects three of the cars. Once at the last car turn around to get back to the pink rope. The other two cars will be along that rope. If visibility is less than 5 feet you may not see any of the cars as they are more than 5 feet from the pink rope. Look for dark shadows. Once you finish following the pink rope, take a compass reading of about 260 to 270 degrees. This will get you back to the entry point. 300 degrees gets you back to shore.



From Toronto, take Q.E.W. to 406 South to Welland and Port Colborne. Continue south on the 406 to East Main Street (Niagara 27) in Welland. Turn right (west) onto East Main Street (Niagara 27). Turn left (south) onto Crowland Avenue and go to Lincoln Street (Niagara 29). Turn right (west) onto Lincoln Street and continue west on Lincoln Street. Cross King Street and take the first left after you cross the bridge. Drive to the end of the dirt road where you will see the boat ramp on the left. 


Dive shops: For equipment rental and tank refills

Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit: tank refills only. See directions below under the Niagara River dive.

Adventure Scuba Diving in Ste. Catharines>

Sherkston Shores, west of Fort Erie




When planning your accommodations remember that your Sunday starts at the Niagara river near the Railway bridge. Staying at Riverside Park campground or in Fort Erie may be best.

- Riverside Park, 13541 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, 905 382-2204 Web site:

- Comfort Inn in Fort Erie:|pcrid|5861169867&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=comfort%20inn%20fort%20erie&utm_campaign=Hotel+Chain+-+C&mm_campaign=61e23501c3a7666376c173fa44c75e69&keyword=comfort%20inn%20fort%20erie

- Shangri-La Camping -

- Sherkston Shores camping or rent a trailer:  

- Bissell’s Hideaway - < This is the closest but more expensive. Also has cabins for those not wanting to sleep on the ground. Huge pool

- Best Western in Welland:


Description: Niagara River

The Niagara River is a great site for a drift dive, with many entry points (including one that allows you to view a barge if you can hit just right) and good visibility (depending on the weather). Also, there are a lot of large fish to see on this dive. A full 7mm wet suit and hood may not be required as the Niagara River is relatively warm, 21C or 70F, but bring them along just in case. Wearing a hood is suggested for bacteria reasons. You will need gloves and boots because there are plenty of zebra mussels, which will cut your hands and feet. Also, don’t forget to bring extra weights (depth is shallow at approximately 30 feet), a dive flag and line, and a dive light (for advanced divers considering a night dive). We plan to do two dives on Sunday and perhaps a night dive on Saturday after the Welland dives. One of the dives may be the “Washing Machine” with a new and perhaps easy entry point that should help with navigation.

Please call Riverside Park campground to reserve a campsite. After the second drift dive on Saturday and dropping off tanks for filling, we will proceed to the campsite. A night dive on the Saturday is a possibility – so plan your air tanks accordingly and brings lights if interested.



To get to the Niagara Parks Commission Marina (Saturday’s 9:30 AM meeting place), at 2400 Niagara Parkway, Fort Erie, take the Queen Elizabeth Way West, continue past all of the Niagara Falls exits and take the Netherby Road East exit (exit 12). Follow Netherby Road East until it meets the Niagara Parkway and turn right (south). Continue  6-8km south on the Niagara Parkway until you see the Marina on the left. We will meet in the parking lot. Estimated travel time from  is 1.5 - 2 hours.

Map below is for the Riverside Park campground "A",  Dive meeting is to the south (right) of “A”.

 Niagara river Map


Dive Shops:

We will try to arrange tank fills with the Fort Erie Underwater Recovery Unit. They have a building right on the water’s edge along the Niagara Parkway, not far from Ft. Erie. It’s located at 560 Niagara Parkway, on the Fort Erie side of the railway bridge. Bring two tanks with you for Saturday’s diving and the tank fill arrangements will be communicated to you.



- Riverside Park, 13541 Niagara River Parkway, Niagara Falls, 905 382-2204 Web site: Email: Camp @

- Howard Johnson’s

- Comfort Inn,+ON&cid=11563549144275648680,+ON&cid=11563549144275648680