Aug 29 - 30 - Tobermory (Ch - C)
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Tobermory (C)

Date: August 24-25, 2019

Number of Divers: 12 

Number of Dives: Possible 5 dives. 3 on Saturday depending on the distance between shipwrecks and 2 on Sunday. There is a possibility 1 dive from shore on Friday for early arrivals  

Open spots as of November 4th, 2019: 12

Cost: DM - $100; Divers - $200

Divemaster: TBA

Rating: C (Advanced or more)

Emergency Assistance Plan: Click Here

Scuba Divers are Different Emergency Assistance Plan: English; French



Important Finding: In July, 2017 the wreck of the Jane Millar was found. A 75ft coastal steamer built in 1879 and sank on November 24th, 1881. Unfortunately, the 28 passengers and crew perished. Jerry Eliason, Ken Merryman, and Jared Daniel found the wreck in Colpoy's Bay near Wiarton on your way to Tobermory. The location is being kept secret until the Ontario Provincial government can determine it is safe to dive or if they will allow it. It is slightly beyond recreational limits. The divers are hoping it will be a protected dive site as is the SS Edmund Fitzgerald in Lake Superior. Please view the video:

Divers Den has published a "Private Charter Information Sheet" with links to their liability waiver and the Fathom Five Dive Tag form. You can fill out the liability form and submit it online. The Fathom Five Dive Tag needs to be printed, filled out and handed into the office.

We are chartering the Proteus (Divers Den) at 8:00 AM on Saturday for a full day and 8:00 AM on Sunday 1/2 day. There may be a twilight shore dive on Friday for early arrivals. There is a possibility to do 5 dives. 3 on Saturday depending on the distance between shipwrecks and 2 dives on Sunday. Please make the appropriate tank arrangements. Check tank caution below

Due to the distance to Toby, it is highly recommended that you depart Toronto on Friday afternoon or early evening. Upon arrival, do not forget to register with the Fathom Five National Marine Park. The registration fee is currently $4.90 per day.                       

See the Fathom Five Website at You will be fined (and fed to the freshwater sharks) if you are caught diving without a permit.

Some of the wrecks we might visit are the Niagara II, Arabia, San Jacinto, City of ClevelandForest City, Sweepstakes, W.L. Wetmore, and others. For info see:


Please note that the dive shops in Tobermory will not fill any tanks made from the 6351 Alloy. If you do not know if you have one of these tanks – please check the website. As for the Luxfer manufacturer, tanks made prior to 1989 are made of this alloy. It is their prerogative as a business to not fill these tanks; alternatively, you can rent tanks if you have one of these tanks. I believe tanks older than 1986 will also not be filled.

Driving Directions to Tobermory:

Visit Google Maps and type in Tobermory. Take 401 and exit at 344 to 410North. Continue onto 10North. Turn left at 10N/89W and look for Shelburne/Collingwood/Owen Sound. Turn right at Owen sound Street and look for Dundalk sign. Turn left at 10th St. East/21S/6N and look for the Tobermory sign. Turn Right at 6N. Look for ^n/Shallow Lake/Wiarton. Turn right at Bruce St. Continue to Toby.

Toronto: 3.5 - 4 hours to Toby     
  Toby map - TO to Toby.jpg - 175.54 KB
Toby map 1.jpg - 69.16 KB
- Direction to shore dives
- Meeting place for charter
- Visitor Centre to get Fathom Five Tag
- Lighthouse for night dive and navigation dive

Accommodations: We will again have the use of a private "cottage" (really an older 4 bedroom house) just south of Tobermory. For the past few years, a friend of a SUCI member has loaned their cottage for this weekend, at a nominal cost. Details of the location will be given in a separate email. The cottage can sleep 10 - with two people on large couches if there are 12. Their lot can also accommodate about 3 tents. 

Hotel / Motels:

There are many hotels and cottages available in Tobermory – search the internet to find the one that best suits you. Toby is a popular tourist destination so book early!

Tobermory Village Campground phone#: 519-596-2689 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
For those camping, Tobermory Village Campground is recommended. For information see: Again, reserve early!