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Important Notes - Dive Season

                                           Important Notes, Advisory, Booking Guidelines and Payment



SUCI is continuing its safe diving policy. There are times when we find ourselves diving in a buddy team of three (3) rather than the traditional buddy team of two divers.

Should the need to ascend to the surface, for whatever reason; we want all three divers to ascend to the surface. The reasoning is we wish to remain as a team in case something happens to a diver while ascending or to the diver(s) remaining at the bottom. If the buddy team encounters any type of distress, we do not want a diver to be alone. This is especially important in dives that have a current. If a single diver ascends to the surface for navigation purposes and/or a physical disability, he/she should not be alone. If he/she ascends with a buddy, we do not want the remaining diver left at the bottom. Once the issue is resolved and you descend, you may not find the remaining diver(s) due to the current. 

The same applies for descending during the dive. Always stay within arms length and keep your buddies in plain sight.

The Ontario Underwater Council, for those who are certified through a recognized certifying agency, now approves solo diving. However SUCI does NOT permit Solo diving on any of it's scheduled sanctioned dives.


Dive Season Signup & Payment Details


1- Registration for SUCI's 2020 Dive Season opens on Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. 

2- Divers must be “full” members of SUCI and in good standing. This includes having their membership form up to date and payment for the season has been received. Membership forms are now on line for renewing members. Please visit http://www.suci.ca/index.php/club/membership/my-membership-information. Log in, update any info including adding a picture and renew your membership. Fill out the 4 forms on line, them click submit. No longer the need to print it, sign it, scan it and email.

3- Members present at the General Meeting will to be eligible to be first to book the dive(s) of their choice. There is no guarantee that attendance at the GM will ensure the member a dive spot on any particular dive.

4- If you chose; Shore dives must be signed up, at the latest, on the Friday by 5pm, 8 days prior to the dive. The Divemaster will make a "Go No Go" decision on Thursday, 2 days, prior to the dive. If the decision is a "No Go", money will be refunded.

5- All payments must be received by the treasurer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 10:00pm on April 3rd, however, during the signup is preferred. Payments can be made by cash, cheque or eTransfer (see note #5 & 6). Those who have not paid by the dealine of 10:00pm on the 3rd will be removed from the Confirmed Diver List. You will receive an electronic receipt (via email) to confirm your payment. A 50% deposit can be made rather than payment in full. The balance is due 30 days prior the dive Friday of that dive.

6- Any cheques returned as NSF must be replaced and will be assessed any banking charges and/or service fees. Failure to replace the NSF cheque within 7 days of the bank notification will cancel your reservation on the charter. 

7- For those not able to attend the meeting in person on April 1st,

    a. Shores dives can be booked after February 1, 2020 by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    b. You can send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to be put on the "Waiting List" for the dive(s) of your choice. We believe that this represents a more fair practice to those members who have shown great interest in a dive. At the end of the evening, on the 1st, if there are spots available, your name will be removed from the "Waiting List" and put on the regular list. There is no guarantee. Payment is still expected by the 3rd via eTransfer

    c. Joanne and Mike Fischer will compile a list of vacancies for each dive and have them emailed to the membership. Charter dives can be reserved on the 4th and will be on a first received email basis to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The 1st VP will notify the member if they are successful in reserving the dive. Other members who are not successful on reserving their charter dive will be put on a "Waiting List".

    d. Payments can be made by eTransfer, cheque or cash to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  (Ed Rutland) no later later than the following Wednesday, April 8th by 10:00pm. Cheques and cash can be delivered to Ed at the Pan Am Pool. Failure to pay by the deadline will put you on the "Waiting List".

8- The "Who Am I Diving With" list located under the Dive Season 2020 tab will have a list of divers attending each dive. It will also show the number of vacancies.

9- Make your cheque(s) payable to SUCI, and note on the cheque the dives you have booked.

10- Seating is limited; many dives are very popular, so book early to avoid disappointment! Book your hotel/motel/camping accommodations early to avoid any disappointment in choice or distance to your dive site departure.

11- Tables will be setup at the GM for each particular dive. Once the booking begins, line up, single file, at the table, which represents the dive you wish to book. Print and sign the sheet, collect your colour marker, and move on to the next desired table.

12- A member can only book one dive at a time.

13- Once you have completed your picks of dives, proceed to the treasurer, Ed, with your coloured marker(s).

14- When booking the Brockville/Ribfest dive, all documents IE passports, Nexus card, citizenship cards and the like, that you usually need to cross the border, will be your responsibility. Information will be collected and kept confidential to submit to the US and Canadian border security. Purchase of optional insurance such as “DAN” may be in your best interest. “Dan” insurance is for medical purposes only. For the Brockville dive, we will cross the border at Boldt Castle. More details will follow on this dive trip.

15- Each dive has a "Diver Self Rating" letter ( A, B, C) assigned to it. This is to ensure that each diver is qualified to attend the dive. Please make sure that you chose the appropriate dive that meets your self rating. You can find the "letter" at http://www.suci.ca/index.php/dive-season/2019-dive-season-summary or on the website under the Dive Season-2019 tab.


17- In the event a dive charter still has vacancies 45 days or less prior to the charter date and it has been deemed to not be able to be filled by club members. SUCI will open up the dive to outside certified divers. In this instance O.U.C insurance must be purchased and the Divemaster of that dive must approve the diver.

18- Transportation & Accommodation are your responsibility but usually you can find someone to car pool with and/or share a room. Members, will either be camping or rooming in a nearby motel. We have included contact information for accommodations with each of the profiles in this package. This may not be a full listing of available accommodations. If reserving a site at an Ontario Provincial park, reservations can only be made a maximum of 5 months in advance. The popular parks get reserved very quickly. I recommend you take advantage of the early booking.

19- Shore dives will have a $15.00 fee. The "divemaster(s)" will NOT pay for any shore dive.

20- The Brockville Ribfest trip may require 2 "divemasters" should the number of divers exceed a 10. Divemasters will pay the dive charter fee minus $100.00.


General Points


* No alcohol at all before dives and this includes night dives. If YOU DRINK, YOU DO NOT DIVE!

* Be at the boat or dive location at the very least - 30 minutes prior to departure. The boat will leave on time, with, or without you. * If you do not feel well or are uncomfortable, DO NOT DIVE. The wreck will still be there.

* There is rental equipment available at most of the dive shops.

* If you have a confirmed booking, an email will be sent approximately one week prior to the dive reminding you of the meeting place and schedule or any last minute changes.

* Please “Respect” the Divemaster, as they have a lot of organizing to do on each dive. This is after all is a “Volunteer” position, yet a necessary one. If we have no Divemaster there will be no dive.

* Please help out where you can. More experienced divers can really do a lot to help build the skills and confidence of new divers. Remember how you felt starting out and perhaps how someone helped you.

* The Divemaster is in charge of the dive and will make decisions on buddy pairings, bottom times, dive profiles etc…, based on the information they have or are given. They will try to accommodate people that want to dive together where it is possible, but they may sometimes have to split things up based on factors such as the experience levels of the dive group. Again, please respect their decisions. It is the responsibility of individual divers to plan their own dives using the tools of their choice. i.e. dive computer, eRDPml or RDP.

* Please respect the boat Captain and crew. We are their guests. Ask permission before boarding any craft and listen to their instructions if any, on how to board, stowing of gear, or de-boarding. If you have questions, ask. Don’t make assumptions. For those who have not been on a dive charter before, please remember to keep your gear stowed neatly at all times, as space is usually confined and loose gear can be broken or cause accidents. Leaving a tip to the Boat Captain or Crew is usually left up to the individual unless a group decides to pay a tip as a whole.