July 10-11 - Morrisburg & Pig Roast (Ch-C)(S-A) CANCELLED
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Morrisburg and Cardinal-Pig Roast (C&S)

                                                                                   Eastcliffe Hall

July 10 - 11 Diving and Pig Roast - CANCELLED

Number of divers: 10 for the charter 

Number of dives: 2 for the charter in Morrisburg. The Cardinal, Prescott and Brockville dives are shore dives on Sunday. Members can choose which they want.

Open spots as of October 5: 10 for the charter. 

Emergency Assistance Plan: click here

Scuba Divers are Different Emergency Assistance Plan: English; French

Cost: Charter; Divemaster - $0; Divers - $85.00 for Saturday. This includes the $10.00 fee for the Pig Roast

Diver Rating: "C" for the Eastcliffe Hall and "A" for the shore dives

Divemaster: TBA


This weekend will consist of 2 charter dives on Saturday, July 10th, and 2 shore dives on the 11th. On Saturday there is a delicious, well organized Pig Roast after the dive at 5pmish. The Pig Roast is hosted by the Seaway Valley Divers out of Cornwall. Check out the video of the Eastcliffe Hall and Pig Roast provided by Seaway Valley Divers. https://www.seawayvalleydivers.com/new-events

Saturday - The charter, Little Diver from Seaway Valley Divers Captained by Ron McDonald, loads from Crysler Park Marina at 8:30 am and leaves at 9:00 am. The charter will take us to the Eastcliffe Hall minutes away from the dock at Crysler Marina, Morrisburg. There will be smaller boats (3-4 capacity) to shuffle divers back and forth. The last dive is at 3 pm.

The wreck is a 340-foot freighter which sank in 1970 and which now sits in about 70 feet of water, bow into the current... considerable current. Because of the high current and proximity to the shipping channel, this is a "C" dive. There are 2 lines to descend on. One is on the stern and the other is halfway on the port side. If the charter attaches itself to the port side line, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER WHERE THIS LINE IS FOR YOUR ASCENT. Due to its size, 2 dives are needed. It is advisable to pace yourself and enjoy half the wreck on each dive and all the various fish.

This beautiful large wreck is engulfed with fish. There are a few places within the ship to dive out of the current as seen in picture #3 beyond the railing.

Tank fills will be at O2togo at 3045 Pitt Street, Cornwall. Rick will transport the tanks and return them to a designated spot to be determined on Saturday.

East Cliffe Hall East Cliffe Hall - sunken  East Cliffe Hall - sunken 1

East Cliffe Hall - sunken 2  East Cliffe Hall - sunken 3


The St Lawrence River water may be high as in previous years. If not, the Conestoga, in Cardinal, is a 252-foot long Steamer built in Cleveland in 1878 and sank in 1922 outside lock 8 of the Old Gallop Canal will be the wreck to dive on. It is a shore dive in about 20 - 25 feet of water. It is accessed from County Rd 2 and Dundas Street in Cardinal. An alternate approach is to start at the Gallop Canal. You will see the Wee Hawk shipwreck then proceed down the canal following the current out into the St. Lawrence. From there it is about an 8-12 minute drift to the Conestoga. The Rothesay in Prescott and/or Centeen Park in Brockville, further west, can be other options.



Rothesay is a twin side-wheeler paddle steamer that was launched in Feb. 1867 in St. John N.B. It sank on September 2, 1889, by colliding with the American tug “Myra”. It is located West of Prescott on Hwy #2.

There is an underwater guideline from shore to lead to the Rothesay. It lies about 100 meters offshore.

Rothesay shipwreck.jpg - 10.59 KB  Rothesay shipwreck above water.png - 45.94 KB  Rothesay shipwreck bow.jpg - 13.93 KB

Sunday morning the Divemaster will coordinate the most efficient way to get to the first dives.


Driving directions: Eastcliffe Hall is at Crysler Park Marina in Morrisburg. Take exit 758 Upper Canada Road off Highway 401. Go south on Upper Canada Road to County Road 2. Turn east (left) and follow the signs to the marina. Turn left on Hwy 2 and right into Crysler Marina.

Dive Shop: Abuc’s Scuba, 12 Water Street East, Brockville (613)345-2800 http://www.divebrockville.com/main.html




Riverside-Cedar Campground, part of the St.Lawrence Park system located at the Marina:

10 km east of Morrisburg, the location of your first dive. There are 5 camping spots available at Crysler Park.  You are allowed 6 people per site. Cost is $15/per person/night.  They are not serviced lots.
The website is: https://www.stlawrenceparks.com/camping/campgrounds/riverside-cedar-campground/


Upper Canada Campground, part of the St. Lawrence Park system located near Morrisburg in South Dundas
13390 County Road 41
Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0
Tel: 613.543.2201 

http://uppercanadacampground.com/This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">

Glenville Park Campground: Located 7km east of Prescott.  website www.gocampgrenvillepark.com

2323 County Rd 2
Johnstown, Ontario, K0E 1T1

613-925-5055 (May 1st – October 15th.)

Take the 401 east and take exit 721B then go south for 1 km to Hwy #2. Turn right (east) on #2 for 1.3 km.


St. Lawrence Park Camping in Brockville: http://www.city.brockville.on.ca/index.cfm?ID=193&FAQID=107&showtext=no


Motels and Residence

Bridgewaters Inn: ** rated 4+, $109


2702 County Road 2

Johnstown, Ont. 


Johnstown Motel: *** Rated 4+ $80 + tx


1843 County Road 2

Johnstown, Ont. 


The Mackintosh Country Inn: *** Google rated 4+ Cost varies from $125 +



St. Lawrence College Residence, Brockville: 2020 prices Double Room $80 + taxes. 613-345-0660, ext. 3510

60 Magedoma Boulevard
Brockville, Ontario K6V 7N7