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  • For the first 2 years, the Executive consisted of Chairman/ President, Secretary and Treasurer. 1st and 2nd VP added later.

  • Training in early years (before PADI) based on standards prescribed by A.C.U.C ad N.A.U.I.

  •   OUC was created in 1958, initially to lobby the provincial government for spear fishing rights in Ontario. SUCI joined in 1962. The first goal was evaluation of diver and instructors. SUCI played a very active role in OUC.

  • SUCI was instrumental in the formation of the Instructor Advisory Committee which helped set consistent minimum standards in teaching scuba diving in Ontario: a world recognized A.C.U.C program.

  • Participated in the Sportsmen’s Show 1969 – great displays.

  • Legal advisors were used for documentation, by-laws etc.

  • In 1970, Dr. Tom Towson established the “Triton Trophy” in honour of outstanding SUCI trainee’s of the year. Dr. Towson was active in both archaeological studies and instructor certification programs, was medical advisor to ACUC, organized International Diving Medicine Seminar in Toronto and was active in OUC as well. He received numerous awards for his outstanding efforts in diving. This included the Ontario government’s Special Achievement Award.

  • T. Towson announced in 1970 that there were 658 newly certified divers under OUC Diver Certification – to encourage untrained divers to be properly trained and avoid needless diving accidents. Also, 57 dive clubs representing 2 176 members + 10 individual members.

  • Requests for Buddyline articles - the “bare cupboard”.

  • Descriptions of Dr. Joe MacInnis’ Subliminos project (3)