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Ice diving

Please click this link to watch a SUCI Ice Diving video where several SUCI members participated in an ice diving training class lead by Mike McCabe.


Buddy Line May 2020

Please click here to read the Buddy Line of May 2020

DAN Covid -19 presentation

Diver Alert Network (DAN) has put together an excellent informative power point presentation and video of this presentation concerning the disinfecting of scuba equipment as it relates to Covid-19 virus. Please choose your desired link. The video is 33 minutes in length.


Video from DAN's website: Includes Q & A from the public

Power Point Presentation: Please click here to read the presentation


Disclaimer: The Scarborough Underwater Club Inc., SUCI, is passing along the video and Power Point presentation for information purposes only. SUCI does not endorse, promote or recommend the products or suggestions put forth in the video or Power Point presentation. Individual members and divers are resposible for their cleanliness and functionality of their scuba equipment.

Archery Dodgeball - Battlesports - Cancelled

                                                                               Archery Dodgeball - CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19


January 2020 General Meeting minutes

Please click here to read to minutes of the January 2020 general meeting

OUC liability insurance - brief summary

PLease click here to read a summary of the Game Day insurance policy. Person Dunn is the broker. SUCI's premium are paid Ontario Underwater Council.

Curling 2020

PLease click here to view the details of curling at Tam Heather

Dive Rating; (A), (B), (C)

                                                              Dive Rating


Refer to the table below to see what column your diving experience falls into. The lowest letter choosen for any category will be your rating and the dive you will be qualified to dive. Ex: 1A and 1B and 4C's means your rating is an "A". You can improve on this rating throughout thwe season by diving more frequently, diving in cold water, etc...


Cold water: necessitates that a diver wear a 7 mm wetsuit, boots, hood and gloves to ensure thermal protection.

Recreational overhead environment: refers to a situation in which a direct ascent to the surface is not possible, but a diver remains in the “light zone” i.e. natural light, and is clearly within easy reach of highly visible exit points. The combination of depth plus entry must not exceed 130 ft.

Limited recreational overhead refers to a situation in which the combination of depth, plus an overhead entry that is within the light zone, does not exceed 60 ft. For example, a dive that is 40 ft. deep plus 20 ft. into an overhead environment, but still in the light zone.

Limited current describes a current that a diver can swim against briefly.. 

  A   B   C
Recreational Overhead Lifetime Dives NO   Limited   Yes
Dives in last 12 months NO   1 - 10   10+
Cold water (below 70F/21C) dives in last 12 months NO   1 - 5   5+
Max depth in last 12 months 0-60ft   60-80ft   80+
Dives with Current in last 12 months NO   Limited   Yes




Shanty Bay, Barrie

Date: August 22 or 23rd. This is a one day dive

Location: Shanty Bay near north east of Barrie

Cost: DM - $0.00; Divers - $20.00

DM: Nancy O.

Number of dives: 2-3

Number of divers: 20

Open spots as of February 17th: 20

Rating: This is an "A" rated open to all certified divers

Emergency Assistance Plan:

"Scuba Divers are Different" Emergency Assistance Plan: English; French


This is a one day shore dive. Nancy will determine whether it will be Saturday or Sunday based on weather and other factors. The parking is by permit only which Nacy will take care of. She will also to to arrange to park at the gas station then car pool to the dock area.

The long public dock is where you can gear up. Visibility is generally 10+ feet. It is a sandy bottom that slopes to depths of 80 feet. Open water divers should must stay above 60 feet. It has a pathway with little markers leading to a sunken boat, coffin, toilet and stop sign. Stop sign can be used as a safety stop on your return to the surface. 

Direction: From Toronto take Hwy 400 north to Hwy 11/Orillia. Exit at Line 2 south. Turn left pst the village milk store on Bay Street. Go for 1 block. Dirt parking lot on the right. Gear up in the parking lot and proceed to long dock.