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June 23-30 North Carolina (20)

                                                                Baitball Sandtiger sharks
Date: 2 dates are being considered JUne 23-30 and October 5 - 12. 
Cost: Approximately $1890Cdn includes Airfare, 7 days of Accommodations, meals, car rental and 10 dives
Number of divers: 20
Diver Rating: C
Available spots as of October 23rd: 20
Number of dives: 10 over 5 days
Emergency Assistance Plan:
I am in the preliminary stages of organizing a 7 day dive trip to North Carolina. Please let me know if you are interested. At the October GM, about 6-8 people were interested. There are 2 dates proposed. Please let me know your preference.
For those that attended the Shipwreck Symposium last April, we saw a great presentation by Scott Stitt
"In the early part of 1942, the outer banks of North Carolina were a battleground. German U-boats sank so many ships in these waters the area became known as “Torpedo Alley”."
Some highlights of the trip - Dan Hickey, from Innerspace, has dove here with Olympus Dive Center, http://www.olympusdiving.com/ - great referral .
PLEASE CLICK ON THE VIDEO ON THE LOWER RIGHT OF THEIR HOME PAGE --- BAIT BALL SANDTIGERS. Have you ever seen anything like it.... and you can be there :) :)
1- Destination Morehead City, North Carolina
2- Dates: Tentative;
    a- Saturday, June 23 - June 30 or
    b- Friday, Oct 5-12 Seafood festival from October 6-8. Kinda like Taste of the Danforth
3- 1 stop 4-5 hours return flight from Pearson, Toronto to New Bern, North Carolina. New Bern is about 38 miles from Morehead City. Todays pricing for the June dates vary from $410 -$550CDN + fees.  October not available. Prices can vary widely depending on day of departure. You will reserve your own flight.
4- 10 dives, 2 per day. Boarding by 6am, return by 4pm. 2 hour trips to outer bank. Group pricing of 8-16 divers, 2 tank dives are $107US. Weights are included.
5- Tank rentals - Air $7.00US; $16.00 for nitrox which is recommended. Olympus can do different blends.
6- Full size vehicle rental - $340. I suggest 1 vehicle per 4 -5 people
7- Vis can be 50+ feet. 90-120 foot dives. 1.5- 2 hour surface interval. Water temp 75-79F.
8- Accommodations: Olympus owns "The Dive Lodge", http://www.olympusdiving.com/dive-center/the-lodge/.  $20 per person per night + 12.75% tax for 8-16 divers
   "The lodge has 32 bunks in five separate rooms. Three of the rooms contain eight bunks with the other two rooms having 4 bunks.  Quiet Time starts at 9:00PM.

Each bunk has a storage area for your dry gear.  Each guest will need to bring his or her own linens, typically a sleeping bag, pillowcase, and towel."

Olympus Dive Center gets diver discounts at several motel/hotels, http://www.olympusdiving.com/local-info/accommodations/

9- Olympus operates 2 boats. A 25 and 18 diver boat

10- Plenty of restaurants. Morehead is a small city with no much else to do. Beaufort has an historic museum

**Estimated cost: Airfare, diving, Tank rentals, lodging, meals ($35US/day), vehicle rental (divided by 4) = $1890.00CDN (The Dive Lodge accommodations) - $2190.00CDN (hotel accommodations). 

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

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  • September 22nd - Golf tournament at Lyndebrook Golf Course - $55 - 10am
  • October 18th - Epicure at Nora's, 41 Pepper Tree - Price to be determined
  • October 26th - Horesback riding at Kuzenko Stables, Courtice - $45
  • November 2nd - Annual Awards Banquet and Dance - Tam Heather Tennis and Curling Club - $75 for members, $75 for Member's date and $80 for 3rd person
  •  November 30th - Bowling at Kennedy Bowl
  •  December 7th - Black Creek Pioneer Village Christmas by Lamplight - 6-9:30pm
  •  January 4th - Vision Board Creation for 2020 - 2pm
  •  January 25th - The Liverpool Sessions (Beatles) - 7:30-10:30 - $45


Golf Tournament at Lyndebrook - Cancelled

                                                                      Lyndebrook Golf Course

Location: Lyndebrook Golf Course, Baldwin Street, Whitby. 5 minutes north of Taunton Road

Date: Sunday, September 22nd

Time: 10:00 am

Price: $55.00 per person including pull cart and prizes.

See the attached for more details 

Lyndebrook golf course layout. 1568 yds from the white tees, 1688 from the blue tees and 1384 from the red tees.


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Penetanguishene (C)(12)

Date: July 24 - 25


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